Ride sharing and car sharing

Pays Barval - Département de la GirondePays Barval has infrastructure and services that facilitate ride sharing and car sharing, thus optimising the use of cars (and their cost!).


Putting ride sharers in touch with each other

Ride sharing means optimising the use of space in private vehicles: mean occupation rate is 1.2 people/car while most cars have space for 4 or 5 people.

The Transgironde ride sharing Internet site enables drivers to easily offer journeys and passengers to easily find a driver.

Whether you travel regularly or occasionally, over long or short distances, for personal or professional reasons, don't forget to visit the Transgironde Bay of Arcachon - Val de l'Eyre website.

Locate ride-sharing car parks

17 car parks facilitate ride sharing in Pays Barval.

Car parks near motorway junctions offer various parking options. Some ride-sharing car parks are accessible by bike or by bus (Transgironde routes in COBAN and Val de l'Eyre; Baïa in COBAS).

Interactive map: select ride-sharing car parks and zoom in on the Bay of Arcachon - Val de l'Eyre area.

You can consult information about each car park on the list. (PDF, 286 Ko).


The Querquillas (D106 – Andernos-les-Bains) and Mios/A660 (junction 2) ride-sharing car parks have secure bike parking so that you can leave your bike under shelter while you travel. Don't forget!

Car sharing at Biganos station

Car sharing means renting a vehicle only when you need it, by the hour or the day, if you prefer on-demand use to car ownership.

In the car park opposite the main passenger exit at Biganos-Facture station, two cars are available for sharing (one of them is electric) so that you can drive around the area. Renault provides this car sharing service in partnership with COBAN: efficient intermodality that avoids parking at the station.

How it works : https://www.renault-mobility.com/comment-ca-marche

Locate Renault Mobility (below):

Localization Renault Mobility

Aperçu station autopartage gare Arcachon
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