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Union des Bateliers ArcachonnaisThe Arcachon Boat Operators' Union provides shuttle services across the Bay.

Although people often fail to think about them, both regular and seasonal services can save time when crossing the Bay of Arcachon.

The Arcachon (Thiers jetty) - Cap Ferret (Bélisaire jetty) boat service runs all year and accepts bikes on board. Allow 30 minutes for the crossing.

Be aware that tide times may cause crossing departure times to be modified.

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Worth trying: the water bus

Bus de mer ArcachonIn the summer season only, a water bus offers round trips between Arcachon Petit Port and Moulleau jetty with a stop at Thiers jetty. The Baïa single ticket (€1) is accepted on the boat for low-cost travel.

Information : Arcachon water bus

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