Interurban bus network

The Nouvelle Aquitaine Regional Council organises interurban bus services between COBAN and Val de l'Eyre as well as a link between the Bay of Arcachon South and the North of the Landes département.

Interurban routes between COBAN and Val de l'Eyre

Connecting these areas to Bordeaux and to each other, the various bus routes offer numerous opportunities for economical travel.

Route numbers in order to identify them:

  • Route 504 (Bordeaux Pellegrin – Hostens)
    A route operating several times a day, linking St-Magne in Val de l’Eyre to Bordeaux city centre and to two Tram routes (Tram A at Pellegrin teaching hospital and Tram B at the University, Arts & Métiers stop).
  • Route 505 (Bordeaux Pellegrin – Belin-Béliet / Lugos)
    Departures and arrivals from Tram A CHU Pellegrin and with connections to Tram B (Arts & Métiers), go to and from Val de l’Eyre via Le Barp, Lavignolle de Salles, Salles and Belin-Béliet. With weekday times adapted to those commuting to and from the city centre, make the most of efficient, practical transport with season tickets to reduce your travel costs.
  • Route 601 (Bordeaux St-Jean station / Quinconces – Lège Cap-Ferret town centre / Lège La Pointe)
    An intensive service both on weekdays and at weekends from the heart of Bordeaux to the North of the Bay of Arcachon and Cap-Ferret. Even more services are offered in summer. Whether for daily or occasional use, travel in comfortable coaches with reclining seats and Wi-Fi.
  • Route 610 (Andernos – Biganos – Belin-Béliet)
    This route links the North Coast of the Bay of Arcachon at Andernos with the heart of Val de l’Eyre at Belin-Béliet via Lanton, Audenge, Biganos, Mios and Salles. The Biganos-Facture stop offers good connections and intermodal opportunities; additional services are provided at morning and evening peak hours.

Access the map of the Gironde interurban network 

One of the strengths of the regional bus network in the Gironde is its uniformly low pricing.

With single tickets at €2.30, whatever the destination, and day returns at €4.10, bus travel is really cheap.

Find the whole range of regional fares : Interurban bus fares (PDF, 106 Ko)

To locate all the regional interurban road lines in the Gironde, access the network map.

Also view the different lines of the network by entering its line number from the MODALIS search portal: "schedule" tab (then enter the line number)

Useful tip

Even if you travel occasionally, adopt the 10 trips card.With no time limit or commitment, this card costs € 18.40 and is a good compromise between single tickets and subscriptions.

At € 1.84 per trip, it's hard to beat!

And for those under 28, the 10-trip card is only € 9.20!
Less than € 1 per trip.

Interurban buses between the Landes and Bay of Arcachon South.

Organised by the Landes-based RRTL and Trans’Landes networks, interurban routes 14 (Parentis-en-Born – La Teste-de-Buch) and 46 (Parentis-en-Born – Biscarosse – Arcachon) offer an alternative to the car when travelling between the Gironde and the Landes.

  • Route 14
    This route runs between La Teste-de-Buch and Parentis-en-Born from Monday to Saturday throughout the year.
  • Route 46
    This route operates buses in summer only from Parentis-en-Born to Arcachon via the Dune of Le Pilat.

Priced in line with the regional bus network fares (€2 single; €3.60 day return), they provide an opportunity to travel at minimum cost.

 See routes 14 and 46 on the Landes network map: network map (PDF, 780 ko)


Download timetables for the routes serving the Bay of Arcachon North and Val de l'Eyre :

Download timetables for the routes connecting the Bay of Arcachon South and the North of the Landes :

Download the pocket guide to the Gironde interurban network (PDF, 1.4 Mo) to see all the routes at a glance.

To visualize the different lines of the traffic network : inquire the line number from the MODALIS search portal, "schedule" tab (then enter the line number)

Useful site

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine regional council Internet site provides information about networks in its area :

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