Pays Barval

Le Pays BarvalThe Bay of Arcachon - Val de l'Eyre (Barval) area covers three local authorities: COBAN (Bay of Arcachon North Urban Community), COBAS (Bay of Arcachon South Urban Community) and the Val de l'Eyre local authority.

In Pays Barval, three local authorities are jointly running and developing projects. MOBI is the fruit of a partnership involving transport-related information, communication and assistance.

MOBI - joining forces to provide better transport information

Committed to sustainable transport, Pays Barval (Bay of Arcachon - Val de l'Eyre; COBAN, COBAS, Val d'Eyre) presents MOBI, a new information service covering all aspects of transport in its area

The objective is to make information about available transport more accessible and to promote environmentally-friendly transport: walking, cycling, trains, ride sharing and car sharing.

It provides full, up-to-date information with contacts and useful links to find the right time and fare and the most appropriate transport network: MOBI is an essential tool for all your day-to-day travel requirements (work, school, visits, leisure, etc.).

This information is aimed at everyone living in or visiting the Bay of Arcachon - Val de l'Eyre area. It is available on "" and at the various information points (town halls and tourist offices), not forgetting the map of the main networks and services.

Travel green!

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